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CDCR - Salinas Valley State Prison


Location: Soledad, California
Sector: Government

Square Footage: ≈ 27,217 sf
Year Completed: 2012

Project Description:

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) contracted MK2 to perform third-party commissioning services for the Enhanced Outpatient – General Population (EOP-GP) Facility at the Salinas Valley State Prison (SVSP) located in Soledad, California.

The EOP-GP Facility is a two-story building, approximately 27,217 square feet (SF), to accommodate mental health, medical, nursing, custody and support services to inmate-patients suffering from mental disorder(s).

MK2's role as the State's Commissioning Authority (CxA) included organizing the commissioning team, providing the commissioning plan, providing project specific commissioning process test procedures, and verifying the execution of commissioning activities.

Equipment and systems commissioned as part of this project include Air Handling Units, Variable Air Volume Terminal Units w/ Reheat Coils, Hydronic Heating System, Domestic Water Systems, Automatic Lighting Controls, and verification of the Building Automation System.