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Solano County - Animal Care Services


Location: Fairfield, California
Sector: Government

Square Footage: ≈ 12,410 sf
Year Completed: In Progress

Project Description:

The Solano County Animal Shelter is the primary public shelter for animal care services for all unincorporated areas of Solano County.  The facility consists of a 12,410 square foot, single story, building containing three kennels and a cattery.  Also located on the site is a temporary modular building used for administration purposes.  The facility is located at 2510 Claybank Drive, Fairfield, CA 94533.

The scope of work for this project includes the three phase revitalization of the Solano County Animal Shelter site infrastructure, addition of animal housing, and renovation of its existing building.

Phase I of this project began with relocating of the temporary modular building used for administration.   Phase I also included the necessary underground utility infrastructure to facilitate the construction of a new pre-engineered kennel building.  Lastly, phase I included the construction of a new outdoor trash enclosure and installation of a new emergency power generator.

Phase II of this project focused on the above grade construction of the new kennel building.

Phase III of this project focused on the revitalization of the existing kennel building.  The existing kennel building underwent a complete HVAC system retrofit and interior improvement.  Kennel A was revitalized to new office space to better facilitate the needs of the staff and public at the animal shelter.